Summer Bucket List

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We are starting our Screens Challenge today!  I’m super excited to kick it off.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can check out my post here that explains why we’re doing it.  And my post here with the actual challenge.  It would make my day if you would join!  But for now, let’s hop into the post, because it’s a good one.

It’s official, guys.  Summer is here!  School is over, warm weather, sunshine, relaxing days of reading and swimming have arrived.  Well, kind of.  I will still be pretty busy.  With our musical comes quite a few responsibilities.  Such as learning all that choreography.  I love it though.  Except when we rehearse outside and the highs are getting in the hundreds.  Everyone is so sweaty by the end of rehearsal it’s disgusting.

But right now, I’m here to talk about my Summer Bucket List! I was going to do a spring bucket list and I really don’t know what happened to that.  Oh well, I’ll just have to make this one extra special.

Summer Bucket List

. Get all three splits
. Go hiking
.  Go camping
.  Learn to do a handstand
.  Go a day without technology*
.  Visit Santa Fe
.  Write a letter to my future self
.  Go on a picnic
.  Watch the sunrise
.  Read a poem every day
. Read the entire bible
.  Visit White Sands
.  Take a photo every day
.  Sleep in a blanket fort
.  Go star gazing
.  Leave a note in a library book
.  Read twenty books
.  Let go on a floating lantern
.  Watch total solar eclipse – 8/21/17
.  Make a summer memory album or book
.  Watch fireworks with friends
.  Go to the movies
.  Make ice cream
.  Start my own recipe book
.  Grow our blog – 50 followers, let’s make this happen!
.  Change blog graphics
.  Grow emotionally

I know it’s long, and I will probably add to it, but summer is here and I really want to celebrate! 

Thanks for reading!  You are seriously the best.  Ta-ta for now!


What's on your summer bucket list?
Are you going to be busy?


  1. You're lucky you get to visit Samte Fe!!! I'd love to visit there. Watching people's reactions when they open a book with notes in it is the most hilarious thing-- this one girl had notes in her Calc book from the previous owner and she was just STUNNED. I hope you guys reach 50 followers, too! You totally deserve it!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Right? We live less then two hours from there, so that helps. Haha, I've never gotten a book with a note in it before. But I know I'd love to get one, so I assume other would too.

      Thanks, I hope so too! By the way, how did you make the link to your blog show up like that?

  2. this is a great list and it sounds like you're going to have a super busy summer! i love the stargazing & leaving a note in a library book ideas! <3

    1. Yeah, it's going to be pretty busy. Thanks, I'm looking forward to completing them!

  3. This is a lovely bucket list!! SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE YAAAAS. <3 Sleeping in a blanket fort sounds awesome btw. :) I hope you reach all your goals!!

    1. YASSS, SUMMER! Thanks so much Abbiee! Yes, I'm excited to do every one of them.

  4. Looove this list. I'm so excited about fireworks too and I've always wanted to try making ice cream. Have fun reaching your goals!!

    1. Me too! Yes, I do it every now and then, and always enjoy it. Thanks!


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