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Friendship Day + What My Closest Friends Taught Me

How are you?  I still can’t believe it’s August.  I know I haven't been posting often, but I've been very busy.  Guess what?  Tomorrow is National Friendship Day!  I really wanted to do a post about it, but I'm trying to stick to my blog schedule, so I compromised and posted it today.    

My friends have taught me lots of things.  Sometimes I’ve gotten a little bugged with them, and sometimes I’ve tried their patience.  But not matter what, we stick together.  Here are a few things I’ve learned from my three closest friends.

Lolly (because who is a better friend than my sister?)
Stand up for yourself.  Don’t ever let people walk all over you.  If they don’t care about you, then there is no reason to care about them.
You are safe.  God will always protect you. 
You are loved, and there is nothing that can change that.
It’s okay to cry.  Just don’t lose hope. 
Pip, you just need to sleep.  Everything will seem better in the morning.
The best people are the ones who will be a…

A Beautiful Disaster Blog Tour

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Guess what?

My blogger, writer, batgirl friend is publishing her book!I am thrilled to participate in her blog tour, but it’s kind of nerve racking since I’m the last one posting about it.I mean, it’s the grand finale and all.Anyway, enough about me.This is about Daisy and her amazing book, A Beautiful Disaster.

The girl

Daisy Louise Paquet is an Internet-addicted, self-proclaimed nerd. She likes coffee, books, and sci-fi movies. She may accidentally attack you with sarcasm and Batman references from time to time, but she promises to be nice. She currently resides in a galaxy far, far away with her family and cat.
From Goodreads.

Just look at that gorgeous cover.

The book

Here is the fabulous synopsis that took me forever to find because I don’t have a Goodreads account therefore don’t know how it works.

When Wither is crowned king of the faerie, he knows that it is up to him to free his people from the UnderKingdom, a vast network of mines that his people have been confin…