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Back to School!

Today is the first day of my sophomore year of college!  I'm super stoked to start this year and learn so much!  It's really important to stay organized throughout the school year in order to get good grades on homework assignments and still be able to hang out with friends sometimes.  I have this adorable calendar that helps me stay organized.  I really love calendars, especially this one. 

Every month has a different quote at the beginning. 

I'm sure that my sophomore year will be great!  I hope that you all are enjoying school as well!


Savoring Summer

I am enjoying New Mexico so much!  I can't get enough of the big blue skies, the beautiful mountains, and the breathtaking sunsets.  Mostly though, it has been so nice to see all of the friends that I have missed over the summer!  Summer isn't quite over, it is definitely still hot outside and school doesn't start for me until next Monday!  I have been trying to hold on to summer as long as I can.  My days have been filled with hikes, evening swims, and fun times with friends.  I know that I will soon be extremely busy with homework so I'm cherishing these last days of summer.  I can't wait to see my family when they move down in about a month!


Pip's Pickle Post

Our garden has been producing more cucumbers than we know what to do with so I decided to try and pickle them.  I have never made pickles before and I expected them to be really hard, but I found this amazingly easy recipe!  Here is the link:

Here are some pictures.

First I cut the cucumbers. 

Then put them in a jar and added salt water. 
All of my spices. 

I used Oak leaves to make the pickles crunchier.  The blog said I could used raspberry or grape leaves instead. 

I put an onion on top to give it flavor.  Aaand... 

Ta-da!  Here are my lovely pickles!  I will do a post about how they taste in a few days.  
Love,  Pip

Costume Party

Hello Everyone!

Last Saturday Willa and I were invited to a costume party.  We were asked to dress like an American girl doll.  

It was really fun to see everyone's costumes. Willa had just got her hair cut in a bob and so she mached her doll perfectly!  
Love, Pip

Together Forever

So you know how Lolly is living in New Mexico and Pip is living in Wisconsin?  Well guess what?  Pip is getting to move to New Mexico as well!  When she first found out she jumped up and down screaming.  We are so thrilled that we will be able to spend so much time together again!  This summer has been beautiful, but we've been dreading the separation in the fall.  Now it's completely different though because we will all be together! 

In preparation for the move across the country, we have been busy purging through our things.  Simplicity is key!  We want to really think about whether we love something enough to want to go the trouble of moving something all the way across the country. 

Pip and Lolly