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Cupcake Wars

A few Saturdays ago my friend, Willow, Princess Polliwog and I attended an event at our library. It was called Cupcake Wars.  Each person had to simple decorate a cupcake any way they liked and then three people who worked at the library judged all the cupcakes.  It was really fun! 

Here is a picture of us all with our cupcakes. 

Princess Polliwog's cupcake.  It's a beautiful snowflake!
Willow's cupcake. Isn't that little kitty cute?

Here is a picture of my cupcake that I took after the contest.  I made it entirely out of fondant. 

A picture of three of our cupcakes.

Here are all the cupcakes waiting to be judged.
Finally it was time to have our cupcakes judged.  The lady helping with the event announced that there was four awards.  The award for Most Imaginative went to a girl who made a unicorn head on her cupcake.  The award for Most Detailed went to someone who made a grassy field with lots of flowers.  The award for most creative went to… Willow!  Her cat was sooo…