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Auditions, Star Wars & Apologies

I suppose I should apologize.  I haven't been posting, which was one of my New Years goals.   In the meantime watch this really funny Studio C about resolutions.  Oh well, at least I completed one of my other goals! 
Lolly and I auditioned for Peter Pan! I thought my audition went really poorly because I messed up on my monologue.  I had to improvise a little bit to get back on track, but the cold read went well.  I think the worst part of auditions is right before and after, when you have to wait to see what part you got.  Fortunately I only had to wait a day. 
We were at a friends house watching Star Wars.  There were a few people (including Lolly and I) who have never seen any of the movies until Sunday night, so we started at the beginning and each week we will watch two more.  To be quite honest, I didn't understand most of what was happening, and the story line seemed somewhat strange.  I'm sure they will get better though.  
Now I'll tell you what roles w…

New Years Goals & Other Such Snippets


Are you excited!  It's finally 2017!  I say that as if the year drug on and on, but really, it fairly flew! Do you have any goals, dreams or resolutions?  I have a few I'd like to share, so let's get started. 
1. Get the splits I've made this goal the last four years and never succeeded.  But it's a new year, right?  And I can still do it no matter how many times I fail.
2. Spend less time on screens and more time outside This is a big one for me because I think it's really important.  Being in the sunshine makes me feel so much happier.  And even if there is no sun just the fresh air is great.  I know it's winter and it's cold, but  I can still spend a little time outside, right?  Plus look at the photo below.  

Go out and go for a walk right now.  Your brain will feel alive!
3. Practice photography It would be super cool to take awesome photos.  I know I can't get good all at once, so that's why I'll practice all year.  Plus, Lolly is…