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Peter Pan & Wendy Photo Dump

Good morning!  
How are you?  I am great. Nervous excited for our first performance.  It's only one week away.  How are we possibly going to perform so soon?  For the past three and a half months I've been looking forward to this, but now that it's almost here, I wish I could go back to our first rehearsal.  
We have auditions for the summer musical tomorrow.  It’s just another reminder that this show is coming to an end.  I am looking forward to the musical, though.  I don’t actually like singing in public, but I still want to do it. 
Two weeks ago, we had our photo shoot.  At first it was scheduled for the week before.  Then things happened.  Things like snow, at the end of April, in New Mexico.  Yeah, and two days later Willa was out in the pool swimming because it was in the 80s.  Don’t ask me.  New Mexico weather is weird.

Anyway, here are some of the photos!  I’m planning on editing this to add more photos when they’re released, so I’d love it if you’d check back.


Late Again!

Hello friends!

This past weekend was my first weekend of summer break!  It might have gotten to my head a bit too much because I was late for everything all day long.  I went to bed late, which resulted in me waking up late for our rehearsal across town.  As soon as we got in the car I discovered I was out of gas!  We were already leaving the house late because I woke up late and so getting gas made us about twenty minutes late to rehearsal.  I also just read this about respecting the theatre so I felt really bad. 

After rehearsal Pip and I went to Einstein's Bagels for a quick lunch.  We got a cheesy bagel and a blueberry bagel and split them so that we could each have half a sweet and half a savory bagel.  Then we went to Target for some super last-minute Mother's Day shopping.

Once we got home, we were both so pooped that we kind of just sat around for a bit when we should have been getting ready for a wedding we were attending that afternoon.  I'm really weird and don…

The Liebster Award

Are you ready for a super long post (in case you didn’t realize, you are supposed to say yes)?  Let’s begin. 
First, I’d like to thank Catherin @ The Rebelling Muse for nominating me.  You guys should totally check out her blog and give it a follow.
When I was tagged, I had absolutely no idea what The Liebster Award was. So, in my time of need, I relied on Google and she pulled through for me.  Here is the link to a blog I looked at explaining the origin and meaning of the tag. 
But enough with all this, we have a post to begin!

The Rules

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What is your favorite type of weather?
Winter.  Snowflakes.  Cozy days.  Lovely trembles. Spring.  Life.  Goodness.  Flowers.  Summer.  Heat on your back.  Staying up late.  Swimming.  Autumn.  Sunshine.  Crunchy leaves.  Cloudless skies.    
I can’t choose.  Every type of weather brings new marvelous…

Blogging Prompts

Hello there!
Let's admit it, sooner or later everyone runs out of blogging inspiration.You have ideas, but can’t seem to write enough about any one subject.  Nothing happens and you end up staring at an empty Word document until you eventually give up.It's happened to me, it will happen to you. I have compiled a rather large list of blogging prompts.They aren't in any specific order.I'd be honored if you used a or two.

Blogging Prompts

- Describe the view from your window - Seen a new movie?Write a review! - New book?Another review is in order. - Makeup tutorial/s - Recent photography - Wardrobe staples - Hair style tutorial - Tips on something you excel in - Recent DIYs - Random life hacks - Short story or flash fiction - Hold a contest - Host a giveaway - Write about your favorite makeup products - Your favorite books - Make a compilation of blogging prompts

The Creator's Click

From time to time I get stuck creatively.  Nothing seems worth doing.  Whenever I pick up my pencil to write, no words come.  When I grab a paintbrush, the paper stays empty.  I'll look through my fabric, but nothing is sewn.  Everything feels bland.  There is no creative click in the back of my brain. It's hard to get out of a non-creative rut.  Sometimes it happens when I've been doing too much of the same thing.  Other times, when I've been to busy and now have no inspiration.  Sometimes I look on Pinterest for inspiration.  Usually it doesn't do much.  I end up looking at my DIY board and sighing.  Nothing seems worth doing and you have to sit back and wait for inspiration.

15 ways to find inspiration

1. Write a to do list and actually start checking things off.

2. Make yourself a treat.

3. Change your wallpaper.

4. Hide your phone.  It’s insane how much you can get done without your phone distracting you.
5. Get some exercise.  Preferably outside, but an indoor worko…