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Summer in Wisconsin

Hello friendships!

It's been such a dreadfully long time since I've posted that you've probably all forgotten who I am!  My name is Lolly, and I'm Pip's big sister.

I've been away at college for a few months, and even though I thought I would frequently post, I got way too caught up in school, homework, two jobs, and theatre!

Enough of that.  Now I'm here in WI visiting my lovely mother and two sisters!  I haven't seen much of Pip this week because she has been busy with her own theatre production (hint about a future post!).

Yesterday when Pip was at rehearsal, I went strawberry picking with my mom and Willa!  We had lovely time, although it was rather hot and there was some sort of plant affecting allergies.

My sunhat refused to cooperate!

Fresh strawberries won't save very long, so I cored and froze them in the afternoon.  When coring strawberries be sure to poke the knife in really close to the leaves and turn it in a circular motion. This way …

A Fantastic Day

Do you ever have Writers Block?  Well today I have Bloggers Circle.  It means I'm a blogger who's mind keeps going in circles, so she can't think of anything to blog about.

So now that you know what's going on, shall we fix the problem?  Today I will blog about how to be inspired.  Not just how to become inspired to write something, but also how to be inspired to do something creative and how to cheer yourself up when everything feels flat.  

First of all, sit and be quiet.  Then go outside.  Yes, even if it is raining!  Grab a camera and take some pictures.  Walk around, get muddy, invite your younger sibling to come along.  Tell yourself that this day is going to be fantastic! 

Here are a few pictures I took today of Willa. 

You are going to have to work hard to make this day great.  Here are six starter ideas for you.  

1.  Tidy the house for your Mom.  She will be so happy.  Believe me!   

2.  Offer to do the dishes on your brothers turn, just to be nice.

3.  Bake some c…

Welcome Home Lolly!

It has been over 150 days since I saw my sweet sister face to face.  She came home yesterday and we all agreed she looked just like a college student.  I thought it would be fun to do a post full of pictures.  Pictures of Lolly, Willa and I when we were all together.  

Christmas 2015

Lolly's 18th birthday

Our Mom's birthday (my hair is not that short!  I was wearing braids and only the very ends can be seen.) 

A cute shot of Lolly

Letting some toads go last summer 

This is fro