My Wandering Thoughts

I really wanted to get into the habit of posting twice a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays), but for some odd reason I can never seem to do it.  I feel like posting every Friday works pretty well, so I'll keep that up until I have more time.  *laughs at the fact I think more time is going to magically appear* 

This week has been a whirl wind.  Our aunt was hospitalized, so our Mom was gone constantly, then our other aunt came to visit (she stayed with us).  Plus, Lolly was gone all weekend, then had work/school/social/life, so Princess Polliwog and I didn’t see much of her.  Oh, and now she’s sick.  As you can tell, I had have a lot to do.  With keeping the house in kind of running order, taking care of meals and keeping up with Peter Pan and Wendy rehearsals, I'm busy.  I'm not complaining though.  It's a growing experience. 
On Monday night, I realized my life felt perfect.  At first I thought it was just because rehearsal went well and I was in a good mood.  When I r…

A Rainy Morning

Rain brings out a wistful coziness from somewhere deep within me.  It's such a wonderful feeling, but so hard to describe.  On Saturday we had rain, it was lovely and peaceful.  I decided to do a little writing about my morning.  I'm not totally sure what you'd call this because it isn't flash fiction.  Maybe Rapid Reality?  I don't know.  Tell me what you think of it!

My alarm goes off.Phew, just a dream.The blankets envelope me in a soft hug, the pillow kisses my cheek as I turn over in bed.I have five minutes before my other alarm goes off, five more minutes of oh so precious sleep.Alas, there’s too much needing to be done, even though my bed calls my name I must get up.
I slip into the kitchen, my fuzzy socks making my footstep sound lightly throughout the small apartment.  I consider turning on the overhead light-nah, too bright.  Instead I attempt to turn on the tiny one above our oven.  Why won’t it work?  I tiptoe to the glass doors of our balcony.  I slide t…

Farewell March

I typically hate March.  I don't know why, but it always seems drab compared to the other months.  Maybe it's the rain, or if you live in a cold place, the snow that just won't melt.  It might be the fact all of the holidays seem over, Christmas, New Years, my birthday (very much a holiday ;P).  At the beginning of the month I decided I wanted to make a change.  March doesn't have to be boring.  Life is what you make it, and I was going to make it wonderful.

Honestly, this has been the best March I can remember.  It went by very quickly, which seems to be a reoccurring theme lately.  The weather was warm most of the month and  all our trees budded and bloomed.  I still have some amazing pictures, like the one below. I will definitely go into next March with more enthusiasm.

I have been a good little bookworm this month.  I read seven whole books!  I'm going to try to read fifty books this year.  Definitely an attainable goal.  But before I give any input on th…

The Simple

Sometimes I get so caught up in everything.  The good, the bad the in-between-just all of it.  I have fun, loads of it.  But then when things settle down to normal, life seems bleh.  I become discontent.  I start looking on Pinterest more, which leads to subconsciously comparing my life to the picture perfect photographs.  Then, wow, just look at that sunset!  And the smell of the dirt, the taste of that popsicle, the air conditioner blowing on your face, clean water, sunshine, a good book, a new recipe, music.  There is so much to be thankful for.  I'm serious.   Just look around!

In today's culture we are so busy doing, doing, doing.  We think we have to be busy to be happy.  Not true.  Happiness is a choice.  You can choose to be discontent, or you can look at the small person sitting next to you and think wow, I'm so glad she's my sister. Life is really awesome guys.  Enjoy it!  The only thing you need is your heart and mind.  It takes nothing from you.

Sometimes …

My Rehearsal Must-Haves

First of all, hello there!
Secondly, today is our first off book rehearsal!  I don't really have all my lines...  But I've got this, right?  I hope.  Maybe?  Sorry, enough rambeling, on with the post!
Rehearsals mean early mornings, and late nights.  Hours of practice and lots of hard work.  But it is beyond worth it.  There are a million memories I wish I could relive over and over.  New friends, seeing everyone in costume, reading the script for the first time, just everything!  You seriously never know what might happen.  I mean, it is theatre after all. 

It's important to have everything that might be necessary.  So here are the five things I always try to bring to rehearsals.

My rehearsal must-haves:

1. My script-this should be pretty obvious though.

2. Water-gotta stay hydrated!

3. Something to eat-my go-to snack is an orange.  So easy and healthy.

                                  {Photo via Pinterest}

4. Tea-okay this isn't essential, but it's very nice to hav…