Why Blog?


What’s up? 

Anything new going on?  I’m sitting at my kitchen table, trying to relax my shoulders as my mom eats salad and Willa walks around eating lettuce.  We just got home from rehearsal and I’m exhausted.  I really wanted to get this post out by tomorrow.  So here I am typing away, but why?

Why do we blog?  It’s a big question I think we should ask ourselves. 

I blog because it’s fun.  I enjoy pushing the publish button.  I love people reading what I wrote.  Connecting with people around the world.  Learning tips and tricks from other bloggers.  Reading other’s posts.   

It’s not always fun, though.  If you are a blogger, you know that.  It’s hard work.  Sometimes I wonder if it makes a difference what one little girl says.  What one girl think, feels.    

Does anyone truly care?  I have friends and family who love me.  It takes me hours to write posts, take photos, edit photos, format, upload photos, edit, comment, improve learn and many other tasks.  I could be having fun, instead of stuck behind a computer.  Why waste my life blogging?

I am strong, I have my own mind.  And even if only three people read my posts, who cares?  That’s three people who have lives, memories, secrets and minds of their own.  We are so unique

I love learning about blogging, I truly do.  The problem is, I tend to change my writing to fit the way others blog.  But they are different people, I’m me!  I want to change the world around me, not let it change me.  Because that’s not what I’m here for

From now on I promise to post from my heart.  Demolish surface talk, and be me.  I may or may not have fabulous feature images, great fonts, etc.  But I’ll be having fun and showing you me.  That’s what matters. 




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