Charis Rae Launch

Hey Guys!

Some exciting new coming your way right now.  Are you ready?  Let's jump in!


Today I'm participating in a launch tour for... 

Charis is a blogger extraordinaire.  Her blogging journey began at age 9, when her dad set up a privet blog read by her family and close friends.  But Charis longed for more.  She wanted interactions with other bloggers she wanted her blog to grow! 

Now, after some years, she has switched to a self-hosted (very professional and gorgeous) blog.   

About the author 

In her own words Charis is...

Among many things, I'm a dreamer, dancer, writer & photographer, blogger, bibliophile, and daughter of the King. I enjoy blogging and am excited to move my blog to the next level.

Her dreams for Charis Rae

I hope that Charis Rae will become just as successful as The Girl Upstairs, but will reach more people, and eventually grow into something beyond my wildest dreams. I’m also excited to “learn the ropes” of self-hosting, coding, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, I encourage you to do so now!  She is such a sweet loving girl and inspires many people through her writing. 

But the fun doesn't stop here!  You can check out lots of other post by clicking on the link here.  Let's make this launch one to be remembered!  



  1. Whoo! I'll go check her blog out right now! Fun times. ^.^

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | Ups & Downs

    1. Nice! By the way, how did you put the link to your blog right there?

  2. Thank you SO much for participating in my tour, Pip! I really appreciate it, especially since we miscommunication. Your post was fabulous - especially since you did it in a super short amount of time. :)

    Thanks again! :D

    1. Of course! It was my pleasure! Thank YOU for letting me participate. I love your blog and everything you do:) By the way, I love your profile picture.


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