June Wrap-Up

Happy July!

I feel like June was 3 months piled into one.  I don’t even know how it went by so fast and so slow.  It was filled with good memories and, let’s be honest, maybe a few tears.  It’s okay though, they made it all the sweeter.    


If anything describes endings and beginnings, June did just that.  Peter Pan and Wendy ended.  Everything must end eventually, I guess.  Still, the post show depression doesn’t want to go away.  Then, Spotlight started!  Rehearsals are hard, and I’m talking really hard, work.  I was so sore I woke up in the middle of the night from pain.  I’ll let you in on a little secret though, I’m going to have fabulous calf muscles by the end of this show.  ;)


Lolly is one brave little gal.  She is doing the Gaps Diet.  She’s had mono for a while, and now just isn’t feeling that great overall.  This diet is supposed to help heal your gut.  But it’s nasty!  All she can eat right now is this weird butter, bone broth, chicken and overcooked vegetables.  It’s the grossest thing ever. It makes me thankful for all my yummy food.  Like sugar and pizza.

I’ve also been making some yummy stuff lately.  Such as avocado pasta, it was so creamy and delicious.  We also got a coconut!  I got to throw it off our balcony to open it up.  Then, trying to get it out of the shell I cut myself, on the shell.  I was a minor cut though.  I ended up making coconut ice cream out of half of it. 
We also got a watermelon and our cashier told us all the tricks to get the best watermelon.  It was very interesting. 


.  I need to schedule posts more often.
.  I’m kind of lazy when it comes down to it.
.  This world is messed up.  It’s our job to try and fix it.
.  Summer is wonderful! 
.  I need to read more.  Well, I would, but we haven’t been to the library in ages!
.  Beds are nice things to own.  Without them, I’d be a sad tired little person.

Happy moments

I didn’t actually make a list of goals last month.  I sort of make one in my mind, but nothing more than that.  Instead I’ve included this ‘Happy Moments’ category. 

.  Wrote down all my passwords.  Thank goodness.  I’ve needed to do this so badly.
.  Coming in third place for Mahrya’s Typewriter Project.
.  Watching Willa and her friends play in dirt.  Seriously, she’s been on our back porch stirring dirt for over a week.
.  Finally seeing Moana and Hidden Figures.
. Going out after performances.
.  My Peter’s (aka my very good friend, Seriah’s) graduation party.  I ate way too many M&Ms. 
.  Planting my herbs.
.  Going swimming
.  Going to Encore’s Improve Night.  Then going out for pizza afterward.
.  Apparently, I say ‘I know, right?’ very frequently.  Is this true?  I must know! 

July Goals

.  Post twice a week, every week. 
.  Schedule post more often, that way I can relax.
.  Finish learning the choreography for Spotlight.
.  Also learn the song lyrics.
.  Get all three spits – I’m so close!
.  Enjoy the little things in life.
.  Read at least 4 books.

Our posts

I posted eight times this month which I’m very pleased with.  You can visit the posts by clicking on the photos.

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Other posts

I love it when other bloggers share their favorite posts, so I thought I’d do the same.  

Grace Anne shared a fabulous summer poem.

Hannah talked about her June.  You guys should really just check out all her posts because they're the best.   

Tayia did a wonderful post on cheap things to do this summer.  You know you don't have money to spend, so go read her great post.

Abi taught us how to have a great day, every day.  

And last but not least, Abbiee did a wonderful post (and tag) talking about her horrendous childhood writings.  It was a very funny post and I enjoyed it very much.  


  1. I love it when shows that force you to move around a lot or have a ton of numbers just make you work out-- it's kind of satisfying (although sometimes, the choreographer gets pretty harsh and you're like, "BUT THIS IS A SHOW NOT A GYM."). I hope you have a wonderful July!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Yes! It's literally the best thing. Have you had choreographers like that? Ours is really nice and while pushing us, isn't mean or anything. You too!

  2. HEEY?! I never thought of checking out your blog before, for some reason. I guess it's because Blog spot scares me SO MUCH. Definitely going to be following!

    1. Aww, thanks you so much! Really? I might feel some of the same feelings towards Wordpress. Yay!

  3. I have so much love for these posts <3

    It made me smile when I got called Peter again. :)

    Keep going with the posts! They're so sweet and a reminder that there is good in the world, and it's worth fighting for. (JRR Tolkien)


  4. Oooh you did Peter Pan??? I did a ballet version of it last year! It's absolutely one of my favorite stories!

    Midnight calf cramps are the worst :P I hear that eating bananas and more water help a lot.

    I hope you have an awesome July! <3

    audrey caylin

    1. Yes! I was actually Wendy, which made me happy beyond belief. Mine too!

      Interesting. I'l have to try that sometimes.

      You too!

  5. Avocado pasta sounds good! Aw, it's always sad when a show ends-I did Lion King last month which ended as well. Hidden Figures and Moana are great movies!



    1. It was delicious. I know, right? It was a great experience though. Yeah, I really enjoyed both of them. :)

  6. AW THANK YOU FOR THE SHOUTOUT <3333 Sounds like you had a crazy awesome June!! Also I didn't know you were in theater -- that's so cool! SWIMMING AND PIZZA YAAAAS ;) I hope the rest of your summer is just as fabulous!

    rock on,

    1. Of course! I absolutely loved your post :) We definitely did! Yes! Theatre is literally the best. Mmmhhh. Thanks! You too!


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