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How was your Forth?  Ours was, um, interesting.  It wasn’t what I expected, but I think it was still good. 


Last week Abbiee did a wonderful post (and tag) about her horrendous childhood writings.  It was very comical and I enjoyed it very much.  You can read all about it here. But she didn’t stop there!  Abbiee made a tag of her own, which I am proudly participating in, thanks Abbiee!  Let’s dive in!

What horrendous book did you write as a child?

So many.  Seriously, I don’t know what happened to most of them, but there are truly so many.  I guess I’ve always been a writer at heart, but maybe not always a good writer.  I’ll start with the first book I can remember. 

Bosom Friends

I believe I wrote this right after seeing Anne of Green Gables for the first time.  I was only 4 and had no idea how to write anything, so I got my older sister (Lolly) to write, while I dictated.


There were two bosom friends (I don’t remember their names so let’s just call them Mell and Sue) who both had two stuffed rabbits who were also their bosom friends.  Mell randomly stole Sue’s rabbit, which made a fracture in their bosom friendship.  She ended up returning the rabbit and all went back to how it was. 
Yay, happy ending.


I drew pictures to go with the story, but can only remember one.  It showed Mell trying to talk to Sue, who had her arms crossed and a look of pure disgust on her face. 


What I learned

. Never take your bosom friend’s stuffed bosom friend.

. Don’t copy Anne of Green Gables.

. Your ten-year-old sister probably doesn’t know how to spell ‘bosom’ correctly. 

The Unicorn

When I was six I decided it was time to write another story.  I had actually written a few in between this one and the last, but I remember so little about them that it wouldn’t be very interesting. 


A Princess lived in a castle.  Her name was probably something like Dincer of the Bank (I actually used this once), don’t ask.  I named my dolls and character really weird names.  She ended up being blown into the forest, by a wizard or something, then meeting a unicorn who took her home.  The end. 

What I learned

.  Don’t ask your older sister to write all your stories for you.  She will eventually get tired and start to give you advice.  And her ideas will be better than yours and then you will cry. 

.  When drawing a rainbow unicorn, remember that black isn’t in the rainbow.

.  Illustrating a whole book in one day will make your hand really tired.  And no, your mom probably won’t want to finish for you.

April’s birthday

I was nine, about to turn ten, and what did I decide to write about?  Hmmm?  A nine-year-old about to turn ten.  Actually though, this story wasn’t that terrible.  It was a very clichéd sort of the story that is in every little kid show ever.  You know, the MC thinks everyone forgot his birthday, but then they throw him a surprise party.


April is upset because she is doomed to go to the zoo for her birthday, just like every year.  She finally decided to do something to make it more fun.  She asks her Mom if her best friends can come with them.  Her mom says yes, but instead of going to the zoo all her friends and family surprise her with a party.  And they live happily ever after. 

What I learned

You know your spelling skills are lacking if you can’t even read what you wrote five minutes ago. 

Don’t ask your mom to read your first draft aloud to the whole family.

Don’t copy, especially kids shows.  (I thought we already learned this one, Pip?)

Mandy’s Christmas

Apparently I loved to write about celebrations in which you receive gifts.  I must’ve been a greedy child.  Now, to be honest, this book wasn’t horrendous.  There was a good deal a bad grammar and quite a few unnecessary tidbits (I was only 11), but overall, the story was good.

In a way, it was about our family and some struggles we went through.  I had my mom read it aloud (after I finished editing).  It made her cry, so I think that was a good sign? 


Mandy is growing up in the 1940s.  Her Father died last year, leaving his wife, fifteen-year-old son, Joe, and two daughters.  Since they no longer have a steady income they had to move from their beautiful home to a dingy old apartment.  Joe had to quit school and is now working. 

Christmas is coming up and Mandy fears it will be just like last year, with no presents, no candles, and no tree.  With the help of her teacher, her brother and the store grocer she tries to make it a wonderful holiday for her Mother and little sister.  Little does she know that those two have a few tricks up their sleeves as well. 

I guess I just wrote a blurb for my book. 

What I learned

Write about what’s close to your heart.

Realize perfection is unachievable.

Some of your stories are actually going to be good.

The Rules

Thank the person who tagged you.

Copy/paste and answer these questions:
- What horrendous book did you write as a child?
- What did you learn from it?

Talk about as many books/writing projects as you like!

Tag 5 other bloggers

I tag

Catherine who has kindly tagged me for so many things that I always forget to do. 

Michaila because I don’t really know anything about her writing life.

Charis who’s writing I haven’t really read either.

Hannah – I don’t mind if you don’t do this until NANO is over, but I would really like to read about your writings.  :)

Clara, who’s short stories on her blog are AMAZING.  You know they must be good, cause I never write in all caps.

And You, dear reader, do this tag just for the fun of it. 



  1. I loved reading these! It's such a good idea. Yeah, I'm guilty of the birthday-TV show cliche...
    Keep it up!

    (by the way I really love your blogging name!)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's way overdone. Thanks Mira!

  2. This. Looks. So. Fun. Thank you SO much for nominating me!! <3 I'll have to do this one for sure! I loved reading about your early writings. Mine were... horrible. XD

    -Clara <3

  3. Oh this tag is going to be soooo hilarious! Thank you Pip!

    Good thing tags never have expiration dates, LOL.


    1. Really? I'm excited to read it!

      Haha, yes! Thanks for the comment!

  4. Ahh, I loved this! I will totally do it!

  5. Oh. My. Shish kebabs. Stories that we wrote when we were younger are often cringey, but yours are adorable!!!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Haha, thanks! Not all of them were cute;)

  6. K....you got me. I gotta do this. I HAD SO MANY EMBARRASSING STORIES.
    Thanks girl :D

    1. Awesome! I can't wait to read about your horrendous stories ;)

    2. lol neither can I xD xD

  7. PIP!! I'M SO GLAD YOU DID THIS TAG!! <3333 omg it made my day a little bit brighter! AND I LOVED READING ABOUT ALL YOUR EARLY WRITINGS OMG. Seriously I really want to read that Christmas story now because ahflsdkj IT SOUNDS SO GOOD. :'') Also I always give myself a pat on the back when I can make my mom cry over my writing (IT SOUNDS AWFUL BUT IT'S REALLY SUCH AN ACCOMPLISHMENT AM I RIGHT) haha ;)


    1. I'm so glad! It's was a total blast! Aww, thanks! Maybe I could share some of it if I did some editing. I know, it sounds like we're so insensitive, but it's just a big accomplishment!

  8. I will always remember my first book ;) it was. . . Horrible. :P

    1. Haha, I'm sure it wasn't as atrocious as mine;)

  9. I just found your blog and I love it! You guys are super cool :D And THIS POST MADE ME GIGGLE SO MUCH. I'm definitely stealing this tag XP (the first story idea is MY FAVORITE EVER because I have a stuffed rabbit that I've slept with every night since I was three and NO ONE STEALS MY RABBIT.)

    1. Aww, thank you Hannah! It makes me so happy that you enjoyed it! Really? That's so sweet! I have a blanket I've slept with since I was born:)


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