My Very Own Craft Space

Have you ever looked at a magazine and wished your bedroom could look that amazing?  Or seen a photo of a gorgeously organized closet?  I do it all the time, except with craft spaces, instead.  They are just so pretty!  I've wanted a crafting area of my own for some time now, but our little apartment didn't seem to have room.  I was trying and trying to figure out a way to get a craft desk or something, to no avail.  The other day I was kind of frustrated that I didn't have the space.  I started writing in my journal about exactly the way I would want it (if I had one), when I realized there was the perfect spot right in our house.  It's sort of like a built in desk right in between a closet and a bathroom.  Plus there's a little window for light.

It would be the perfect spot just so long as my Mom was okay with me using it.  And she was!  All I had to do was find a place for all of the clutter and I was mine.  

I've been decorating my little space for the past three or four days now and it's finally ready!  

Look at all of that sunlight!

I think the clouds are my favorite part.

It looks so organized right now.  Willa reminded me that it would stay this way.

Love ♡

I used paper-mâché to make the box containing washi tape.  I think it turned out pretty well.  

I want to flail endlessly.  Everything is perfect and so gorgeous!  I'm probably going to be spending a lot of time in there.  Seriously though, it is perfect.  It has everything I need and then some.  Earlier my Mom called me a 'craft beast' and I absolutely adore the title.  She's so funny.  I can't wait to make many beautiful creations in my little place.


Where do you craft?
Do you consider yourself a 'craft beast'? 


  1. Wow!! That is amazing! I love the clouds and the embroidery hoops. <3 I am definitely a "craft beast." XD I usually keep all my craft supplies in boxes and then get out what I need and craft at the nearest table. I'd love to have a space like that to create in!

    -Clara <3

    1. Thanks Clara! The clouds are probably my favorite part, too. Go Craft Beasts! XD

  2. Its so lovely! My favorite part are those fluffy white clouds.

  3. I love your craft space! The clouds are gorgeous! =)


    1. Thank you, Micaiah! I have to agree that the clouds are pretty awesome;)

  4. That's amazing! It would be awesome if you checked out my new blog!
    Go Craft Beasts!


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