My Rehearsal Must-Haves

First of all, hello there!
Secondly, today is our first off book rehearsal!  I don't really have all my lines...  But I've got this, right?  I hope.  Maybe?  Sorry, enough rambeling, on with the post!

Rehearsals mean early mornings, and late nights.  Hours of practice and lots of hard work.  But it is beyond worth it.  There are a million memories I wish I could relive over and over.  New friends, seeing everyone in costume, reading the script for the first time, just everything!  You seriously never know what might happen.  I mean, it is theatre after all. 

It's important to have everything that might be necessary.  So here are the five things I always try to bring to rehearsals.

My rehearsal must-haves:

1. My script-this should be pretty obvious though.

2. Water-gotta stay hydrated!

3. Something to eat-my go-to snack is an orange.  So easy and healthy.

                                  {Photo via Pinterest}

4. Tea-okay this isn't essential, but it's very nice to have.  Especially on chilly early mornings.

5. And last, but not least...  Tons of hugs.  It makes me feel encouraged and ready to face the day.   I should actually skip this for the next few rehearsals because everyone has been sick.  I don't want to get sick, so...  Hello apple cider vinegar.  😝 


What do you take to rehearsal?
Any tips for staying healthy?


  1. Ug, when my mom wants us to get over a cold she makes us drink chicken broth. Tea is much more yummy!!!

    1. Ehh, poor you. Yes. Tea. Tea is much better.

  2. I do tech for theater. I always bring a water bottle with me. Snacks are an essential for rehearsals on the weekends.

    1. That's so cool! Techies are so important. Whenever I wear black my sister says I look like a techie. Snacks are definitely important. Thanks for commenting!


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