The Writer's Prompt Challenge

Grace at The Girl Upstairs and Allie Taylor at The Depths of My Faith are doing this super cool thing called The Writer's Prompt Challenge.  The last two times I wasn't able to enter (reasons) so I was super excited to do this one.

                      The Prompts

·        Items: footsteps, gun(s), clock

Cole is wanted for multiple break-ins and other crimes. What do you do when you see him struggling to pick a lock? Do you know Cole? Are you a police officer? (dystopian)

·        Photo Prompt
·        Phrase: “You call this living?”
·        Acronym: W.H.I.T.E
·        Theme: dystopian or rebellion 

The ones I used:

Rebellion theme
Photo Prompt
Item prompt (gun)
Item prompts (clock)

Other Info

Contains: 442 words
Title: (do I have to name it?) Cora 
My name: Pip
My age: 14

Here goes!  Tell me what you think!

They were weaker.  They were outnumbered.  They were uneducated.  And they were coming.

Everyone said they wouldn’t make their way into the fort.  We were still nervous.  Every time they came we lost good people.  People who were simply trying to protect themselves, their families and their livelihood.   If the rebels took over, all would be lost. 

I didn’t fight.  I was hired to style the princess’s hair.  The rest of my day was filled with helping in the kitchen.  Preparing luxurious and extravagant meals.  In the evening, I dressed in my best clothes and brushed the Princess’s hair before she went to bed.  I was her servant, but we were friends.  When we were alone I called her Lizzie.  She called me Cora. 

I knew from the minute I woke up.  They had come.

We were supposed to forget about them.  Pretend the rebels didn’t exist.  But it was impossible.  The staff went around wearing grim expressions.  Some had loved ones outside, protecting us. 

During breakfast, we received word that the rebels were trying to send in one person, to disable the Clock.  The Clock protected the fortress.  It controlled the forcefields around us and was the source of power for all our weapons.  If they shut down the Clock, we would be finished.

I slipped quietly through the dimly lit halls to my room.  Shutting the door made me feel safer.  Nothing could get us.  We would be fine.  I changed into my best clothes and went to the Princess’s room to do her hair. 

Back in the halls I felt a tremble run through me.  I focused on the swishing of my dress.  It was flowy and loose. Very like one of the Princess’s.  A sound made me stop short.  I couldn’t see around the curve in the hall, but someone was there.  Someone who wasn’t supposed to be.  The only room near was the Clock room.  My blood ran cold and my ears flooded with nonexistent noise.  What should I do?  What could I do?

My fear made me senseless.  I whirled around the corner before I could realize how stupid it was.  There was a tall brunette boy kneeling outside the door.  He was trying to pick the lock.  Oblivious to me.  Second guessing my decision, I started to slip back into the shadows.  The skirt of my dress swished.  He turned to me.

I tried to say something and failed.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun.  I couldn’t scream.  I couldn’t speak.  I couldn’t even breathe.  All I could do was shake and stare at the black weapon pointed at my face.   

Well?  I could have done better, but I like how it ended.  I was very scared to go over the word count, but I didn't!  I'm so proud!

Thanks for reading!  


Are you entering The Writer's
Prompt Challenge?


  1. Whoa.... that is really good, Pip! I LOVE the ending!

    -Clara <3

    1. Thanks! I had so much fun writing it:)

  2. Really good job! I LOVED the ending!

  3. Ooh, that's really awesome! PLOT TWIST! You're a great writer, Pip. :)

  4. Nice story! I'm so bad at prompts, all of the stories that come out of them are so weird or are very dark, like they crawled out of the darkest corners of my soul, where they have been lurking silently just waiting for a writing prompt.... xD
    -Gray Marie

    1. Yeah, usually when I use prompts they don't turn out this well. Haha, I know! It's hard to make it believable, but still enjoyable to write. Thanks for commenting!

      By the way, I checked out your blog! It's very nice! :)


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