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Hello Dears,

First of all, I'd like to apologize for not giving you one of my lovely, wonderful posts on Friday. :P  We had a full week and I simply didn't have the time.  I'm back in full swing now.

Secondly, I'm kind of winging this post today because I don't really know what I'm writing about yet.

April is so close to being at an end.  Only 5 more days.  I'm sorry to all of you doing NaNo, I'm sure you didn't need a reminder of how little time you have left.  I'm freaking out because our first Peter Pan & Wendy performance is only 31 days away!  I don't want it to end!

Guys, flatlay photography is so fun!  I've done a few photos, but my favorite is the one above.  It's so pink! I also discovered an app called Font Candy.  It's super fun, and I have only seen one advertisement so far.

We are doing a geography fair with our home school group at the end of the month, and we haven't even started working on our country.  So, it's off to the library for us.  Which I don't mind at all, there are a few books I've been wanting to check out.

Willow and I are starting another book together.  Our last one kind of fell apart.  But we plotted and planned and know exactly (maybe not exactly, but close) what we want to happen.  I'm really excited to begin because my character is going to be so much fun!  At first she was kind of the typical tomboy.  You know, her family is all posh and she wants to run wild.  After a little while I realize how stereotypical that was, so I'm trying hard to give her real depth.  I hate it when books have a strong female character and that's all their is to her.

I've been looking at capsule wardrobes on Pinterest and I want to try it out.  I'm starting off by putting all of my rarely worn clothes away.  Now, I can only wear the ones left.  It's honestly a nice amount.

 And almost all my colors match!  So pretty.

I love journaling, when I actually get around to it.  I've been doing more of it lately.  When I'm stressed out it helps me to write down the problems, then evaluate if I should really be stressed about it, and if so, what I should do.  There are many times when I have to write 'pray' as a solution.  It makes it easier to keep my focus on God.

Does someone ever give you a complement, and it just makes you want to smile no matter what?  I'm going to start a list of complements people have given me.  I'll write down what they said, when they said it and where we were.  I'm going to write them with a green pen, that way I can easily spot them in my journal.

Keeping a smash book has been so much fun.  One page in mine was a log, at the top it said 'Highlights of the Day'.  I was able to use it for three whole months, but at the beginning of April I was out of room.  I missed writing down my favorite part of the day each night, and wanted to do it again, so I started my own log in my journal.  Below is a picture of it so far.

The other night we had a ton of people over at out house for filming.  The president of our theatre company has a youtube channel that he makes movies for.  He also directed a Treasure Island production last year.  I'll be honest and tell you his first few shot films and such weren't wonderful, but it was around 7 years ago, so he's improved dramatically.  I have a cameo in the one he's doing now.  I'm playing the younger version on one of the main characters.  Anyway, our apartment was being used as the villain's apartment.  Here is a behind the scenes look;

He's called 'The Seeker', which is perfect since the movie's title is Hide and Seek.  He has this super creepy line where he's talking to his fish (but not really) and says 'ready or not, here I come'.  He also throws someone off our balcony.  It's just a dummy, but it looks so real.  Sorry neighbors!  Seriah wrote the script of this one and the one before it.  She did a fabulous job.

Well, I think I have inputted all the random things going on into this post.  I apologize if it was uninteresting, but I enjoyed writing it.  Thanks for reading (even if you wish you hadn't).





  1. Nice post! I love flatlay photography too! :) Its really neat to see pictures in a completely new angle.

    1. Agreed. I've been looking at them on Pinterest and they are so pretty! Thanks for the comment!


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