As some of you may know we are on a trip to Wisconsin.  We are staying with Willow's family.  Two days ago we went a custard place (it's very yummy).  Our Mom's took a photo of us three. 

Then I whipped out my phone and took a selfie with our custard. 

What started as one soon became a lot.  

In the photo above Willow had said we should all open our eyes really wide.  When I looked at the photo we started laughing so hard.  I think I sort of failed.

It worked here except I didn't get the open mouth memo.

Ahh.  I finally got it!

Come on Willow!  Is Willow really that yummy?

I can not keep a straight face.  Don't even ask me to lie.  It just doesn't work.

Scary friends.

No comment.

I mustache you a question.

Well there you go!  Can you see why I called this post selfies?



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