New Mexico!!!

Well hello Everyone! 

I am finally back!  Yes, I know.  It has been forever since I posted.  And I know I promised to do a review on my pickles, but they were eaten, and we moved!  They were really good though ;) 

Now we are back in New Mexico, The Land Of Enchantment.  I have been extremely busy with moving in and all so today I will just post pictures and tell you what is happening in them. 

I took this photo in Iowa.  Isn't this quaint old gas station just adorable?

Some nice people took this picture for us at the border of Texas and New Mexico. 

A few days after we got back, there was a Ladies Tea at our church.  This is one of our gorgeous friends Seriah. 
I took this picture of her because I just loved her outfit. 

Lolly and I went out to watch a Cinderella play with Seriah.  Afterward we went to a cool coffee shop downtown.  

There you go!  I'll catch you up more some day soon (I hope), but for now have a wonderful day! 



  1. That is literally the cutest gas station I have ever seen.
    Willow ;)


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