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Hello Everyone!

I'm really sorry niether of us have done any posts as of late.  Lolly has good excuses like college and she is working two jobs in addition to being the lead female role in a play we are in. But me on the hand...  I'm not really that busy.

I've started writing a story with my friend Willow.  First I write a chapter for my character then she writes one for her's.  It is super fun and I can't wait until it's done!  It's funny because I sort of have to get in the mood for writing.  I can't just pop in at any place and be good.  It's probably harder because my character is a guy.  I've found ways to "get into character" kind of like with acting.  It helps me if I listen to Twenty One Pilots.  I enjoy their music and I feel like my character relates to them somehow.  Man, it's getting boring having to say 'my character' over and over!  I'll at least tell you his name - Peter.  It means rock or stone.  I've been looking up the meaning to all of the character's names.  It's really interesting.  

The rehearsals for A Tale of Two Cities is going very well.  Two weeks ago we had our photo shoot (for advertising purposes).  I have a few behind the scenes photos I'll share with you.

I think that one looks really cool.

Isn't my costume cute?  Although it looks nice, it was extremely tight.  Thankfully the costume manager is able to take it out for the shows.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Lolly.  I guess that will force me to post some of the promotional photos of her here once they are done;)

I have a few more photos from rehearsals that I took;

We have been rehearsing at our fabulous director's house a lot.  

Recently I've been enjoying writing quotes and such on paper then decorating around it. Here are two I've done.

I really like the last one:) By the way, can any of you draw pictures of guys?  Because for the life of me I can't!  They end up looking like tired girls with short hair.  And that's not really the look I'm going for.  

I hope you liked reading about the little bits of my life lately!  Check back soon because I might just post a bit of mine and Willow's story!



  1. Wow, I love that flower quote!!

  2. Who did you play as in the play?

    1. Little Lucie Darnay. She was the daughter of Charles and Lucie Darnay. I was named after my "Mother".


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