I was in the mood to make something yummy.  Since it's summer, we don't like to run the oven if we don't have to, so that ruled out baking anything.  It also helped to eliminate the option of brownies or cookies, which is probably for the best.  Since we eat tortillas with almost every meal (our mom cooks a lot of New Mexican food) I decided I'd try my hand at tortillas!  I've never made tortillas before so I found this recipe on Pinterest!

Before you begin, I must warn you: the pan that I cooked them in turned quite black and burnt!  I tried everything to scrape it all off, but it's persistent!  I think that there was too much flour on the counter when I rolled out the tortillas and then it got burnt into the pan.  Next time I will try using a cast iron skillet instead.

The tortillas are delicious!  They are perfect for tacos, work fairly well for bean burritos, and they are great warm with butter and salt!  The last option is also a New Mexico favorite. 



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