Recently, my other "little sister" Emma visited from New Mexico!  We had a fabulous time these past two weeks as we occupied ourselves with lots of summery activities. 

We went to see "The Secret Life of Pets" at the drive-in movie!

It is a cute simple family movie that I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to go see a movie with their younger siblings.  Please bear in mind, however, that it was rather intense for Willa so she sat in my lap for almost the whole movie and covered her eyes frequently.

Located in Green Bay is a cute quaint little amusement park. Every time I go I feel like I'm stepping back into the 1950s!  Willa is just exactly 48" tall, so she was able to ride all the "big rides" with us!

She had a blast!  I was kind of worried that she would cry on the roller coaster, but as soon as we got done, she said, "That was amazing!"  She also lost her tooth!  I think that missing front teeth is pretty much one of the cutest stages in all of childhood.  

Since the amusement park is pretty close to the beach, there are a lot of seagulls.  Pip caught a baby!

Possibly the most exciting part of our trip was visiting Heritage Hill (a living history museum in Green Bay) and seeing Allison Arngrim!  We are all avid Little House on the Prairie fans, so we were thrilled to see the actress that played Nellie Olson!

Willa even dressed up for the occasion.  

We were all sad to see Emma go, but we know we will see her again!



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