Always Love

Valentine's Day has come and gone, and with it, all of the roses, kisses, and chocolate.  Those things are gone, forgotten, until next year when it all happens again.  That's the problem.  We step out of our way to make others feel loved one day a year.  Why not every day?  That's what we should be doing, especially as Christians.  We need to give some, even if it's just a little, of the love God pours on us, to someone else.  

On Valentine's Day a super sweet lady from our church dropped by to give us each a little bouquet of flowers, some chocolate truffles and loving notes.  It made us feel so cared for and thought of.  Then, in the evening we went to a friend's house for dinner.  Again, they made the night really special for us.

The point is, there are so many opportunities to make others feel loved, not just on Valentine's Day.  And even though it might seem too simple to mean anything, it really does make an impact.  You don't have to give them a material possession, it can be as simple as a hug or kind word.  Just make it happen.

Here is a jump start list of 20 simple sweet acts of kindness to get you started:

1. Tell them something special you've noticed about them
2. Don't interrupt - if you do it will make them feel like whatever they're saying is unimportant
3. Give them a little note
4. Do their chore -this works best for family members
5. Tell them you love them
6. Let them go first
7. Try to notice when they're sad
8. Give them a flower
9. Give them a back rub
10. Play with their hair
11. Talk about something they're passionate about
12. Pray for them
13. Encourage them, even is you don't know exactly what to say, just listening is great
14. Complement them - especially on talents
15. Scoop them ice cream, like my Mom just did for me :)
16.  Watch their favorite movie with them
17. Send them a text\email saying you're thinking of them
18. Make their bed for them
19. Give them a hug
20. Write down their birthday so you'll remember - then you can surprise them with a gift!

It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving. 
      ~ Mother Teresa



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